• Specialized Skin Care Services

    All Services will be designed for your specific needs.

    Skin Care services are temporarily suspended due to the Covid Pandemic. Products sales and consultation are available.

    Glycolic Facial - $115


    Complete Facial using glycolic ingredients. Leaves skin remarkably smooth, tight and moist. Includes some massage of face, neck and hands.


    Add Peel - $135


    Peels - $90


    Deeper exfoliation of surface skin. Includes cleanse, peel, and sun protection.

    Peels available : Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Vit.A, 5 Berry, Antioxidant

    Mini-Facial - $90


    Cleanse, Massage, Moisture, Sun Gel;

    Skin will look and feel cleaner, fresher, and more toned. Includes rejuvenating facial massage.

    Acupressure Face Lift - $100


    Gentle pressure stimulates nerves to tighten and lift skin. Includes cleanse, mask, moisturizer, sun protection.


  • More about what I offer

    I offer a number of different peels.

    Glycolic 15% / Lactic 15%

    Salicylic 20%

    5- Berry

    Vit. A

    Intense Anti-Oxidant

    Lactic 30%

    Lactic 50%


    I also offer Facials without peels.

    I love using the Glymed Skin Care line, it is a great blend of ingredients which support your skin's vitality and health. I've been using Glymed for over 20 years now and my skin has remained clear, smooth and relatively un-wrinkled for my age. I like the fact that it uses a lot of natural ingredients, some of which are organic. It is suitable for a wide range of skin types, from mature dryer skin to oily skin.

    I've introduced many people to this line who continue to be impressed and satisfied with the results.