• Bodywork Services

    Sessions may be a blend of massage, Trager™, Cranio-Sacral, and reflexology.

    I will talk with you when we meet to discuss what modalities may work best for you.

    Single Treatment


    First Visit

    75-90 minutes - $145

    Involves some getting aquainted and filling out a form.


    Subsequent Treatments with a sliding scale

    60 minutes - $95 - $110

    75 minutes - $120 - $135

    90 minutes - $145 - $160

    Please be advised that any pre paid treatments or gift certificates are non- refundable!

    Packages and gift certificates will not be transferable!

  • More about what I offer

    The Trager approach is a very gentle, but very deep form of bodywork. It can be applied to almost any form of discomfort. For people who have no known neurological damage or disease it is used for relaxation and a reminder of the possibility to feel more at ease in body and mind, more at home in their skin, more balanced in general. For people who have injury or disease it does the same, but the experience of re-patterning can be a profound reminder of the ease of movement they have lost and can re-stimulate the feelings of pleasure in life that they have felt are out of reach.

    It's a beautiful waking up to the possibility of comfort and greater ease and coordination.

    For more information about The Trager Approach click here.