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    • At ease in your body
    • Relief from chronic pain or tension
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    • In touch with the Real You that so often gets covered up by the stress of everyday life?


  • So often we get off balance, living busy lives and we forget how to take care of ourselves. It doesn't take much to come back home to yourself. Treat yourself to a session with me and by the end you'll be feeling calm, restored, revitalized, and ready to greet the world again with open arms.


      Go ahead. You deserve it.

    • My styles and services will always be tailored to your specific and unique needs. Each style can stand alone or be combined with others to more completely suit you.


      • The Trager Approach™
      • CranioSacral
      • Massage
      • Skin Care

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      Please let me know if you'd like to experience my work by calling me at (707) 529-2819 Or contacting me through this site. Thanks for your interest.

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    • Who I Am

      Deirdre Hormel, CMT

      Trager Practitioner


      Offices in Oakland, CA and Sebastopol, CA


      I was certified in Swedish massage in 1978, and have been in practice continuously since then. I began to study the Trager™ Approach in 1980, and became a Trager Practitioner in 1991. I continue to deepen my knowledge and experience with Trager, refining my understanding of the interplay of our nerves, muscles, and movements as they interact with our social and psychological conditioning. The Trager Approach touches the person on many levels and helps deepen their awareness of who they are. My approach is gentle, and with my perceptive touch I provide an atmosphere of relaxation, safety, and acceptance.


      I bring several techniques to my practice, and most recently have begun training in the Upledger style of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST). To date I have completed 5 levels of training.


      I am also a licensed Esthetician, graduating in 2000 from Le Melange Academy in Napa, CA. I opened my private skin care practice in Sepastopol, CA, alongside my Trager practice. I use a natural skin care line with ingredients designed to cleanse and revitalize your skin, helping to reverse the degenerating effects of environmental pollution, stress, and aging.